Vancouver, BC, December 8, 2017

Registration Process

Entry Fees and Alternate Payment Option

The 2018 Junior All Native Tournament (JANT) Organizing Committee would like to thank all teams for their patience and understanding as we seek out clarifications and alternative solutions to streamline the online registration process. We are a volunteer-run committee that meet once a week so we appreciate your leniency when addressing questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Online Registration

The 2018 U17 JANT and U13 Spring Challenge currently utilize the Basketball BC portals for online registration. Their Goalline Network database software has been used by numerous provincial and national sport organizations over the years to register teams, receive payments, create waivers and generate electronic rosters for multiple zone, provincial and national tournaments across Canada.

As with all software programs, there can be technical difficulties through trial and error. Basketball BC and the 2018 JANT Organizing Committee have spent the past week trying to work through these technical difficulties. Unfortunately, we do not have the capabilities to bypass and eliminate the athlete and coach membership fees due to the initial system set up by the host company. However we have been able to come up with an innovative solution that is agreeable and falls in line with JANT policies to ensure that the maximum $300 entry fee is met.

In reducing our tournament fee to $120 per team online as of December 7, it allows teams extra room to process twelve individual memberships (12 x $15 = $180) that would total $300. This is a 50/50 collaborative effort between Basketball BC and the 2018 JANT committee to secure additional funding to offset costs for every team, totaling over an estimated $12,000. Teams that registered prior to December 7 will be receiving a refund before the start of JANT. We thank you for your patience and will be in touch with each team directly.

Please note that the U13 Spring Challenge do not have to conform to JANT policies as it is a stand-alone tournament, started from tremendous efforts and its legacy passed on by the Syilx Basketball Program and the 2017 Kelowna Organizing Committee. As with our belief in uniting all youth through the love of the game, the same discounted tournament rate will also be applied to the U13 divisions.

We are truly apologetic for any misconceptions that may have surfaced with the unavoidable membership fees. It was never the intention of the committee to increase cost and create barriers to participation. It certainly is not a “money grab” by Basketball BC as there are no financial gains from membership fee with portions going towards insurance, Canada Basketball memberships and online administrative fees. In the past few years, Basketball BC has already been actively working closely with various First Nation organizations regarding the Aboriginal Long Term Participation Development model (see Figure 4 model on page 15: BBC is committed to offering the same opportunities to all 2018 JANT participants.

Alternate Payment Option

For those teams that are unable to register and pay online, we will accept electronic money transfers (EMT) and a member of our committee will manually process your registrations for you online.

Email roster to

EMT $300 to
Memo line: Please add your team name and division when sending EMT
Password: jant2018

All manual registrations and EMTs must be received by January 31, 2018.

If you would like more information, please contact the 2018 Junior All Native Tournament Organizing Committee at or email at